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Five Lanes CE VC Primary School

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Mission Statement and Aims






At Five Lanes CE VC Primary School we think for ourselves, feel for others and work together to do our best in a caring, Christian environment.



Our school family is a partnership between staff, parents, governors, the church and the local community, with and for the children. Together we seek to ensure that:


  • We nurture a love for learning by providing fun, creative and challenging opportunities for children to develop   skills for learning and life.


  • Our caring atmosphere promotes security, self-worth and respect.


  • Our children are encouraged and challenged to achieve their best.


  • Families are encouraged to be fully involved.


  • We uphold our Christian values, whilst also respecting and valuing the differences between people so children are prepared for life in a diverse society.


  • Our children understand the importance of keeping themselves fit and healthy, as well as keeping themselves and others safe.


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