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School Development Priorities 2018-2020

The School Development Plan enables the school’s vision to be shared and understood by the whole school community. Our aim is to work and learn together as a community in order to improve and be the best that we can be. The School Development Plan should give everyone an understanding of where the school is going and what actions will be taken to ensure we get there.


The priorities identified in our School Development Plan (2018-2020) are:


  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, BEHAVIOUR, AND WELFARE - To continue to improve behaviour.


  • TEACHING AND LEARNINGTo raise attainment across the school so that more pupils reach expected standards in literacy and numeracy.


  • LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT - To develop effective leadership and management, ensuring leaders are supported in their roles, improving pupil outcomes in line with national. 


  •  EYFS - To develop and sustain a high quality learning environment in the EYFS.