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Oak Class Archive

Use the link below to find out what learning will take place in Oak class this term. 

30.06.14 - Life Education Van . All of KS2 visited the van today and met Harold the giraffe! Year 4's learned how everyone is unique and how it is 'great to be me'!

24.06.14 Numeracy - we used the playground and data we had collected to make human bar charts! We really enjoyed this!

W/c 23.6.14 Music - we had great fun learning chants and clapping games! We thought about rhythm and beats too.

16.06.14 - Hengistbury Head. We had a great time at the seaside today! We measured and ordered pebbles, sketched the landscape, had a treasure hunt and even had a sandcastle competition!!

11.06.14 - Let's Get Cooking! We had a great time at cooking club practising skills like cutting, grating and mixing to make a delicious tuna pasta salad.

05.06.14 Science - we had great fun learning all about the digestive system, what is involved and how food is digested!

05.06.14 We learned how to throw more accurately and further. We loved using the Vortexs to help us!

W/c 02.06.14. - Chloe entered the Race for Life in Swindon and raised money for Cancer Research.

23.05.15 - Ancient Egyptian assembly!


KS2 had great fun sharing the information we have learned about the Ancient Egyptians with the parents. Oak really enjoyed performing the play we had prepared!

13.05.2014 Literacy


We have been making up our new Egyptian stories.

14.05.2014 PE - orienteering

07.05.14 - Literacy


We were creating freeze frames to go with the story we are learning!

30.04.14 Numeracy


We were set a challenge in Oak class today! We had to build a pyramid out of sugar cubes. Have a look what we achieved - we even included a burial chamber in some of them!

30.04.14 Art


To tie in with our theme on the Ancient Egyptians, we are making 3D models of a sarcophagus. We began today by making the mummy to go inside.

29.04.14 Literacy


We are learning how to use inverted commas (speech marks) this week. Here we are writing our own success criteria!

24.04.14 - Skippy John comes to Five Lanes!


We learned how to improve our skipping skills and how it can help us keep healthy!

22.04.14 Cricket


Ollie is coming in to teach Year 4 cricket skills during Term 5. Here we are practising catching and playing a game of diamond cricket.

04.04.14 D and T

After we had made our own canopic jars, it was time to paint them!

w/c 24th March


Oak class have been very sporty this week, on Thursday the year 4's attended a tag rugby festival at Devizes Sports club. Despite the cold weather and being some of the youngest competitors everyone played brilliantly and our A team won their group.


On Friday we  attended a circus skills workshop at Devizes school. We learnt some balancing skills and had the opportunity to  have a go at lots of circus activities including  juggling, plate spinning, riding a unicycle and walking on a  (low!) tightrope. We had a really enjoyable time as you can see from the photos. 

Literacy - 17.03.14


We had 15 minutes to make a persuasive advert to sell our product!


Still image for this video

Numeracy - W/C 17.03.14


We are learning about the Ancient Egyptians for our topic, so in Numeracy we are using lots of problem solving skills, like area, perimeter and working out costings, to plan our Egyptian holiday hotel. We are going to write a persuasive travel brochure entry in Literacy and make a class Egyptian travel brochure!

Bristol Museum - 13.03.14


We visited Bristol Museum and had a great time looking around the Egyptian Gallery. We also became History detectives in a workshop by matching up artefacts to their owner!

Science - W/C 10.03.14


In Science we are looking at the effects of different liquids on eggs. We are linking this to their effects on teeth, and how we look after our teeth.

Music - 26.02.14


In music, we have created our own song based around a dragon. Click on the file below to watch us perform it!


Still image for this video

Astronomer visit - 10.02.14

KS2 had a visit from the Wiltshire Astronomers Society on Monday. He came back in the evening with lots of telescopes and lots of chi8ldren returned to school for a fun-filled evening. We even got to see Jupiter and it's 4 moons!

Literacy - 13.02.14


In Literacy, we have started looking at the features of instruction texts. In pairs, we made up a Numeracy game, and then wrote instructions on how to play the game.

Division by Chunking example:


Still image for this video

Long Division example:


Still image for this video

Short Division example:


Still image for this video

Dance 23.01.14

In Dance, we have been using space inspired music to create sequences of moves to. Here is one group's finishing pose!

Guided reading

Have a look at some of the children in Oak performing poems during Guided Reading!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

I.C.T - 13.01.14

Today we had great fun using coding in I.C.T. We used all the features we have learned so far to make our own apps!

Art - 10.01.14

We are learning a story called The Egg in literacy (see above), so we are exploring different textures in art to create our own characters to use when we innovate the story.

Numeracy - 10.01.14

We are exploring shapes in our Friday Numeracy sessions - we even used hoops to make a venn diagram!

Numeracy - 08.01.14

We are learning all about equivalent fractions at the moment. Miss Nottingham showed us how repeatedly folding a piece of paper in half can help show fractions which are equivalent.

Music - 08.01.14

We are learning all about songs which use a pentatonic scale (5 notes). This week, we had to work in groups to work out the notes in 'Old Macdonald had a Farm'.

Term 2



In Science this week, we explored how to make a circuit so that a light bulb would light up. We also started to learn how to use symbols to represent components in a circuit.



In Numeracy this week, we have been learning about fractions. We were finding fractions of shapes and then progressed to begin to learn about equivalence between different fractions.

P.E. - 21.11.13


This week Oak Class extended their learning in gymnastics to include knowing about an  increasing number of types of balances. They looked at symmetrical, asymmetrical, counter-tension and counter-balance balances. See the pictures and films below!

Symmetrical - mirror image

Asymmetrical - not a mirror image

Counter-tension balance - balance which includes a pulling away force.

Counter-balance balance - a balance which contains a pushing force


The children practised using a pushing force to try to stand up. Here's some film of a few who managed it!


Still image for this video

P.E. - 14.11.13


​ We learned all about matching and mirroring in gymnastics today.




Literacy 13.11.13


In Literacy we have started to learn a new story - The Magical Inventors Adventure! We started today by creating our own story map of the story to help us learn it. See the story file above!


Music - 13.11.13


In Music, we were learning what different musical vocabulary meant. We learned the terms drone (all on one note), steady beat, ostinato (a repeating musical pattern), accompanied and unaccompanied.

Trip to @ Bristol!


​KS 2 had a great day out at the Science museum in Bristol. We learned lots of new information. See the pictures below which shows some of the things we learned in the workshop we took part in. We built circuits and used lamps, motors and switches. This had been an exciting start to our learning this term in Science about electricity.

Trip to @ Bristol


Below are some pictures of what we did at @ Bristol on Monday. We made our own animations, explored how parachutes work, saw how we jump in slow motion and even went on a human hamster wheel!

Remembrance Day wreaths.


P. E.


In P.E. this week, we learned the difference between point and patch balances.



We made a poster this week to show what we already know about electricity!

Our Viking Day!


The whole of KS2 had an amazing day today with our Viking visitors from Oxenwood. We learned how Vikings prepared for battle, handled lots of Viking artefacts, made a Thor's hammer pendant and re-enacted the battle of Ethandune! A really great day!

D & T


Most have us have finished our Viking long ships. We explored using flexible and stiff materials to make them - it was great fun!

Also this week...

We've been really helpful this week, working with Hazel class in P.E and Science. As a class, we taught them a new game to play- Dutch Long ball and encouraged them throuhout. As a result, they became confident and played really well. In Science, we mixed materials together and observed the changes. We were all shocked at some of the results!

Have a look in the gallery at our pictures from when a Saxon paid us a visit:

Follow the link below to see what we'll be learning in class this term...



We are learning about journalistic writing in Literacy. This week we wrote a shared piece of writing where we created a newspaper report about the story of the 3 Little Pigs. Click on the file below to read it!



We learned about dynamics in Music. Then we worked in groups, we had to listen to each other so that we got the dynamics right for our part of the music.



We had great fun this week, working as a team to write and find clues around the school.



This week, we have started to make our Viking longships. We measured the wood carefully and used the saws to cut the strips to the correct length.



In P.E. this week, we used our map of the school to plan a route from one part of the school to the other, using all 8 compass points.

Harvest Festival:

Go to the gallery and have a look at the pictures of our celebration.

In Literacy, we used the internet to find pictures from the BBC Newsround site. When we had selected a picture and copied it into Microsoft Word and added our own great headlines!
This term, we are learning all about Vikings. One of us came to school dressed as a Viking!
In P.E., we are learning all about navigating using compass points. We enjoyed giving each other routes to follow around the cones.

Mrs Lee, from the Wiltshire Music service, comes into our school ecah Wednesday. We are learning an Indian song all about the rain and use the instruments to create music to go with the words.

In RE we have been thinking about the different journeys people go on through life. In this session we used ICT to find out more about wedding ceremonies.

During PE we have made maps of the school because this term we are going to have a great time with a unit on Outdoor and Orienteering activities. We will be learning how to read maps, plan routes and use a compass to help navigate.

In PE we have been playing Dutch Longball, which is a lot like rounders. We have worked hard on our throwing and catching skills and on working effectively as part of a team!

Oak Class Autumn Term Newsletter

This is Oak class and we are lucky enough to be Yr 4, 5 and 6.  Our teacher is Mrs Boyce, with Mrs Jones teaching us on a Friday. Our teaching assistant is Mrs Brown.

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