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Hazel Class

Homework- W/C 14.7.14


As well as Athletics on a Thursday, we have been thinking about inclusive sports in the lead up to the commonwealth games. As a result, we have played a few sessions of seated volleyball and really enjoyed ourselves! It's quite a challenge staying sat with our legs crossed and not moving to get the ball.


Mrs Jones has been helping us to improve our sketching techniques over the last few weeks and we put these to good use in class the other day, improving our sketches we made at Hengistbury Head.

Outdoor learning.

With all the lovely sunshine we've been having, we've tried to get outside as much as possible to do our learning. We were fortunate the other day to join with Oak class and take part in activities led by the year 5, who had been to Devizes school as part of the Young leader's training they offer. The range of activities involved problem solving and teamwork, as well as looking closely at the variety of nature within our school grounds.


We have looked a lot at collecting data and how to present it this week and created a human bar chart with Miss Linsley. This shows Hazel class' favourite type of animal and helped show us the importance of labelling the X and Y axis.


We really enjoy our sessions with Miss Myers from Devizes school on a Thursday and here, you can see us practising our sprinting an reaction times.


As we move closer to summer and September, we have been thinking about changes during circle time, talking about what worries us and how change can be positive.

Homework- W/C 16.06.14


We were set a challenge to make the number 20 by subtracting numbers in as many ways as possible within a time limit. It was good fun and some of us found 50 ways of making 20!


We had our first session in Athletics this week and practised our throwing using a Vortex. We thought carefully about our stance and how we could use our whole bodies to give our throws more power.

Homework- W/C 9.06.14

Key Stage One visit.

During SATs week, we were fortunate enough to spend 3 days back at KS1, doing some fun learning and spending time with a dearly missed classmate! We started to innovate the story about Toms Egyptian adventure, using drop in clauses and similes to make our writing more interesting! We also learnt to balance equations and spot patterns in numbers, which we used in PE. As well as all of that, we discovered more about the skeleton and muscles, some interesting facts about the Hindu faith and finished our exquisite Egyptian jewellery.  We had a fab time!

Walksafe activity.

In small groups we were taken along Worton high street to practice our Walksafe skills. We all did really well and passed, getting certificates from Wiltshire council. Have a look at the pictures, how are we being safe? 


Design and technology.

Once we had finished making our sarcophagus', Mrs Jones challenged us to create a pyramid from sugar cubes. Sounds easy? We also had to include and entrance and a tomb, so getting the cubes to balance exactly was what mad the task harder and we had to think very carefully about where we placed the cubes! 


Today we had a visitor from the council who came to talk to us about being safe when crossing the road and as a passenger in a car. This was our first session, with our next taking place next week. This will be where we put our theory into practise.


This week we've been finding out about respiration, looking at the function of the lungs. We made models to help us understand what happens when we breathe in and out.

In DT this week we have been designing our own Egyptian sarcophagus' ready for our mummies to be laid to rest in. 
Key stage 2 were very lucky to have a visit from Skippy John last week. He taught us lots of fun skipping techniques and games and we've all gone skipping mad! 

Please read the following letter carefully, for important information regarding this term.

Use the link below to find out about the learning that will take place in Hazel class this term.


Things got a little messy in Hazel class on Friday morning. Miss Hurn let us write words in shaving foam, to help us remember the generalisers we'd learnt in the week. It was lots of fun, but very sticky!

Take a look at our finished jars....we think our 'mummies' would be very proud....smiley

Design and Technology.

On a Wednesday afternoon we have been designing and making Egyptian Canopic jars with Mrs Jones. These were used during mummification to store the organs- we even made miniature replicas to go inside!

 We had a fantastic time at Bristol museum, exploring a range of artefacts and discovering more about the Ancient Egyptians! 


Homework: W/C 31.03.14

What a busy fortnight we've had in Hazel class. We are well and truly getting stuck into our new theme, looking at the Ancient Egyptians and the Human body in science. We've examined our teeth and thought about how we can look after them properly and have created some magnificent Canopic jars with Mrs Jones. 

Creative play.

On Friday, we were given equipment from the creative sports bag. In our groups, we had to select the equipment we wanted to use and create some challenging games for the other groups in our class to play. Miss Hurn was really impressed with our ideas, so we left a few out to teach the other children at breaktime. 


This week we've looked at extending our addition written methods, by using a column. This has helped us mentally add larger numbers quicker. We applied this to our 'target' game on Wednesday.


We've come back to school and picked up where we left off, finishing our work on instructions. After looking at the features more closely, we decided we needed to ensure we were able to give clear and precise directions. We therefore made the most of a rare sunny day and headed outside, guiding each other around the field and obstacles left for us by Miss Hurn.

Homework- W/C 03.03.14


Andy Burns from the Wiltshire Astronomers Society visited us on Monday and gave us a talk about the solar system. We learned lots of facts and information and most of us came back in the evening to do some fantastic stargazing!


So far this term we have found out the Earth rotates on its axis every 24 hours, whilst it is orbiting the sun. A journey, which takes 365 days. Yesterday we created models to work out how seasons occur and noticed that at certain times, we were closest to the sun, which meant that it was summer.

On Monday, poet Kate Williams came to visit KS2. Kate worked in class with us and helped us to create some fantastic dragon poems, using lots of great similes! 

D and T.

In DT we have designed our own 'fantastical' creatures and created collages using different techniques. Here are some examples of our work:


Homework- W/C 03.02.14

Our Numeracy game this week involved us looking at 4- digit numbers and ordering them. See how we got on...


Today we created our own settings for our 'Egg' story which we will be writing this week.

Homework- W/C 27.01.14

This is us in our recorder session, in which we do some rhythm work, singing and play lots of fun songs.



Monday afternoon we had a Skype session with Chestnut class. It was great fun telling them 'The Egg' story and we really enjoyed listening to them read their story about a zoo. Hopefully, we'll be talking to them a lot more as the term continues.



This week we've been looking at measure and on Monday, we had to match the item to the equipment we thought we would use to measure it.

Homework- W/C 20.01.14

Author visit.

On Thursday we were very lucky to have Mark Robertson, author of 'The Egg' come in to visit our school. As well as reading us his stories, he talked to us about how he got into writing and what he had to do for each book. He then came into our class and created a creature with us. We used this our inspiration to then create our own.



Here's some pictures of us demonstrating how day and night occur. The children in the middle, facing outwards, are the Sun. The child spinning whilst walking around the Sun, is the Earth. We noticed that when we were able to see each other's faces, that meant that side of the Earth was in daylight and the opposite was in darkness, night-time.


In Numeracy this week, we learnt a new game to help us think about the size and order of numbers. We had to use our knowledge of place value to predict whether numbers would be higher or lower. If our predictions were correct, we could add them to our number chain. The longest chain was wthe winner!


Homework W/C 13.01.14


In Literacy we are looking at and learning 'The Egg' by M.P. Robertson. To help us learn the story, we created some freeze frames to show key events. Can you work out what is happening in each?


We've kicked off the New Year by looking at a range of 2D and 3D shapes, revising their names and looking at their properties.


Homework- W/C 16.12.13

Create Festival.


On Friday we went to Devizes school to take part in the create festival. We were joined by several other schools and first of all took part in the 'Cha Cha Slide' warm up. The young sports leaders then took us to the gym to practise our dance routine. Once we'd perfected it, we performed it in front of all the other schools. We had a great time and enjoyed ourselves!

We have been continuing our gym floor work this week and have combined all our balances into a routine, using a roll, skip or jump for the transition.


We have learnt a new game in numeracy this week that uses both our multiplying and dividing skills- Double or Halve target. Here's how to play:

1.With a partner choose a target number between 2 and 24, e.g. 12.

2.Roll a dice.

3.Decide whether to double or halve the number you have rolled.

4.Record your answer.

The first person to get the target number wins!

P.E- Gymnastics.

On Thursday mornings, we are really lucky to have Miss Myers from Devizes school come in to teach us gymnastics. We've learnt about point, patch, mirror and match balances and today discovered what counter balance and counter tension is. See if you can name the balance being performed in the photos...


Today we started to look at using connectives in our sentences. We were hard at work and identified and, but, so as some of the main connectives used.


In R.E this term, we are thinking about Christmas and whether or not it has lost its true meaning. To start our thinking off, we created some freeze frames of our own Christmas experiences. Can you work out what they show?

As a class we supported fundraising for Children in Need by bringing in £1 each to wear Pj's to school for the day. Check out our fab onesies...

Our ICT this term is going to be very exciting! We're learning all about control and programming, using Espresso Coding to eventually create our own Apps. here we are learning some of the basic controls of up, down, left and right.
This week children have been sent home with new homework books. A letter about this and guidance on how to use them will be accompanying them, so please read carefully and contact me with any questions.

Homework- W/C 18th November

Go to the KS2 curriculum link to discover what we'll be doing this term!



We had an amazing time on our trip to @Bristol. First we looked at some different inventions that used electricity. We had to think about how they worked and then had to compare how much electricity they used. Shockingly, we found out that a kettle used more electricity than a fridge! Then, we used our knowledge to build circuits using a switch. Once we'd had lunch, we set off and looked at the different exhibits, we even made Miss Hurn run around in a giant hamster wheel! We looked at our veins, made things fly and did our own news reports. Check out their website and enter the barcode number to see all this online.


In Literacy we spent time writing some stories. Have a listen to them below:


Homework- Half term

Viking Day.

On Tuesday, KS2 were invaded by Vikings. King Guthrum and his men had come to persuade us to join the Viking army, instead of the Saxon's, who visited us last week. We swore an oath to King Guthrum before learning a shield and spear drill that would help us in battle. Our war cries were pretty terrifying! During the day, we also made a Thor's hammer pendant for luck, studied different artefacts, wrote kennings using our 'idea scribblers' and proceeded to battle. It was a long fight and poor Guthrum lost to King Alfred. He changed his ways, but not before killing another warrior, who we later buried in the hall with items for the after life. It was a fantastic day and the pictures show how much we enjoyed it. They also show our teachers enjoying themselves...see if you can spot them!

Here's a few snaps of us playing Dutch Long ball, Oak class gave us a few handy hints and tips...


Science was really hands on (and messy) this week, with us joining Oak class to explore what happens when we mix materials together. Some of the changes were very surprising!


In I.C.T we had to use lots of skills to complete the Viking Quest. As it simulates real-life, we had to use lots of reasoning skills to make sure we didn't use too much money and completed the quest.

Homework w/c: 21.10.13


We have found a fantastic resource for reading children's books online. Oxford Owl has over 250+ free e-books available to read and is very easy to use. We've been looking at one in class, have a look yourselves. The children should know the login details (enter at my class login), but if thy have forgotten, pop a note in the Home School Book and I'll get back to you!

Browse the gallery for pictures of us and our Saxon visitor:
We looked at some Viking artefacts in class and were able to try on a helmet. Unfortunately it was a bit big for some of our heads, which gave us quite a giggle! Have a look at us in the gallery...


We have been learning a new method in numeracy for subtraction. The video shows you how to do this...

Subtracting by counting on.

Still image for this video


We've created profiles for the people in our newspaper article, adding extra detail by using the adjectives we looked at in class last week. Take a read...

Harvest Festival:

Click on the link to see pictures of this event.


Working together using the internet, we added to our Viking timeline, plotting key dates to show what happened during the period.
These word problems in numeracy really stumped us. However, we were really resilient and completed them all smiley.
Our Viking longships are really starting to take shape now! We've been using a lot of cutting and sticking skills to get this far.
Science this week was a little more exciting than we imagined! Looking at what happens to materials when they're heated, we found out that some solids become liquids.
For those of you who haven't used partitioning to add before, watch the video below to see the steps!

Adding using partitioning .mp4

Still image for this video


This week we have been using our partitioning skills from the first week back to help us with addition. We broke it down into 5 stages and have been getting quicker as the week's gone on. This will help us add larger numbers in our head.
We learnt a new game in maths to help us learn how to group. After scooping handfuls of cubes, we counted them individually and then decided how best to group them.

Golden time- because of all our hard work we earned enough house points as a class to have golden time. Look at what we got up to...

To find out what your child will be learning about this term, click on the link below...

Showing us how to be resourceful learners, using resources to help with numeracy.

Hazel Class Autumn Term Newsletter- Please see for key information about the upcoming term

Welcome to Hazel class. There are 20 of us in this class along with our teacher Miss Hurn and our teaching assistants Mrs Sheppard and Mrs S (another Mrs Sheppard). We've made the journey from the KS1 site at Potterne to being year 3 at Worton and have had lots to do to get settled in. Come and have a look at what we've been up to so far...


In this lesson we were trying to move around the playground with a bean bag. Our challenge was to use different parts of our body to do so, helping us to improve our balance and co-ordination. Try it at home with a tennis ball, let us know if you come up with a nifty way to carry it!



Over the last fortnight we have been spending alot of time looking at numbers. We now know how to partition them into Th, H, T, U and in different ways. We can also say whether a number is greater than or less than another. Next week we'll be thinking about using this to help us add and subtract multiples of 10 and 100.

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