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Hazel Class

A great afternoon at the gym festival

We are looking at fractions at the moment. Today we did a carousel activity where we looked for equivalent fractions, made fractions up to the whole and put fractions on a number line. We learnt a lot from each other!

As part of our work on forces, we made catapults today. Next week we will be modifying them and the week after we will be having a competition for the best looking one, the best functioning one with an overall winner for both design and function.


We had a really successful art session starting our chalk and charcoal Iron Man pictures.

We were using charcoal to explore tone today. Some lovely art work produced - great work everyone. Baths required tonight for those who really enjoyed the charcoal!
There were strange going-ons when we got to school on Monday - a metal crime scene and the chalk outline of an enormous robot-like figure. Where has he come from? Nobody knows. Watch this space.
In the last week of term we had several days of computing where we learnt how to create a mind map using the Popplet app, a poster using Word and an animation using Chatterpix. We have learnt a lot about plastic in the oceans this term and had to prepare a bill to present to the school to suggest a new law at school which would help reduce plastic waste. Our animated creatures were created from just some of the plastic waste we have in the classroom. We proposed our bills in celebration worship on Friday. Olivia and Will's proposal that only reusable water bottles  should be brought into school won the Worton Site vote. We had discovered that some people buy a bottle of water everyday to bring to school and the children want to change that. Watch the videos and see which bill you would back.

ChatterPix Video RM.mp4

Still image for this video

ChatterPix Video OC.mp4

Still image for this video

ChatterPix Video ML.mp4

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ChatterPix Video MHr.mp4

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ChatterPix Video HH.mp4

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ChatterPix Video FW.mp4

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ChatterPix Video EC.mp4

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ChatterPix Video ACo.mp4

Still image for this video

ChatterPix ACu.mp4

Still image for this video
On Friday, Passover came early! We learnt about how Moses set his people free and how each part of the Seder meal represents a part of the story. We were given a recipe to make the charroset which is a very yummy apple, nut, honey and spice mix that represents the mortar used by the slaves in Egypt. 

Preparing our Seder meal.

We having been looking at the water cycle this term. We made our own miniature worlds and watched how the the water evaporated from the ‘ocean’ , condensed in the ‘clouds’ and fell to ‘earth’ again as precipitation. We used this to inspire dance sequences where we learnt to create movements in unison, canon and isolation.
We enjoyed our afternoon at the dance festival at Devizes School. We especially liked the game of tables and chairs that we played at the end! There are some amazing movers in Hazel Class!
We started preparing to make our modroc fish with play dough. The trip to the aquarium provided lots of great inspiration for our art and writing.
Shame our fantastic Anderson shelters have to go home but we need the room for all of the costumes for our Christmas performance. 

We know that light travels in straight lines and the meanings of transparent, translucent, opaque and reflective - and now (after much investigation) we know how to change the size of a shadow.

This morning we discussed symbols and signs of Christmas and discussed the meaning of the Christian ones. We then made the star out of clay.

We love Mr Dunn’s ukulele lessons.

Yesterday we looked at rationing in WWII and weighed out a week’s rations for an adult. We were surprised by how little meat there was and how much sugar. Some of us even decided we’d prefer more of the other stuff and fewer sweets!

We are creating and Aurasma video to show our findings.

Our art club paintings of The Blitz are coming on nicely.

What a brilliant morning with Liz Million! We learnt so much about how she creates her work. She is very funny too! Can you rememember how to draw Peppa Pig as a grown up and a dead kestrel?

Liz Million visits Five Lanes.

Another great Boccia Tournament. Well played Five Lanes!

Great news - we are going to meet Liz Million on Friday! We can’t wait to find out how she gets her illustration and writing ideas.

Remembrance Homework

For half-term homework, we had to visit a war memorial and create a piece of art inspired by it. These were some of our great results. Look out for our poems in the newsletter.



Four-in-a-row addition game

Creating ‘1, 10 and 100 more’ number loops

We love reading to relax

Preparing our Remembrance art installation.

Our trip to the tank museum

Working out how volume changes over distance.

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