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Hazel Class

Term 6 

Today we attended the annual Devizes singing festival which was held at Nursteed. A huge thank you to Mrs Davies who has put in a huge amount of effort to ensure the children were prepared for the festival. Hazel and Elder class represented the school well and enjoyed their morning. A big thank you to all of the parents who came to watch. 

This week we have had a fantastic opportunity to work with Lavington school along with 5 other primary schools in our area. We have been researching the life of Pocahontas as it is the anniversary of her death which was 400 years ago. During this week, we have made native american pots, tried different edible plants and we attended a modern pentathlon at Lavington school. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this week and we would like to say a huge thank you to Lavington school. 29/06/17



Term 5 - Fun at the Fair

09/05/17 - Today in science, we were deciding which size parachute would be the best at slowing something down. We found that the bigger the surface area, the longer the parachute took to fall to the ground. Well done Hazel class for working fantastically as a team!

02/05/17 - In science, we conducted a fair test to see which surface area created the least friction to allow our object to move the fastest. The children found that the hall surface was the best, and concluded that it would make the fastest fair ground ride.

Term 4 - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

23/03/17 - This week we have been learning how to write instructions. Our instructions were - How to make a chocolate nest? Of course, we had to make the nests to write our instructions! Here is a picture of the finished product which the children enjoyed eating.

We had a very exciting trip to the Cheddar Chocolate Company. We found out about how chocolate is produced and we were lucky enough to try lots of tasters which the children loved!

Term 3 - The Mayans

Today was online safety day. During worship, the children discussed how they should be safe online - what is safe to share online and what is not. Well done Hazel and Elder class for your mature responses!

Today was our last p.e session this term with Mr Herring from Devizes school. We have been practising and improving our skills, taking part in team games and trying Mr Herring's football challenge!

On the 1st of February, Hazel class went to the annual dance festival at Devizes school. Here we are practicing the dance that the leaders taught us.

Term 2 - The Victorians 

We had lots and lots of fun at our end of term Christmas party. Thank you to all of the parents who kindly made a contribution of a food item that the children could enjoy!

On Tuesday 29th December, we watched a Jungle Book performance in the village hall. Thank you to all who were involved, Hazel class had a very enjoyable day!

On Thursday 10th November, Hazel class visited Sevington Victorian School.We all dressed up as Victorians and had lots of fun pretending to be from that era for the day.

Term 1 - Rainforests
On Tuesday 4th we went to the living rain forest! We split into two groups - some of us learnt about sustainability and the other half learnt about adaptations. The children were able to see the different layers of the rain forest, invertebrate and vertebrate animals and many different plants. All of this tied in extremely well with our current topic and science learning, which made a fun day out for all! 
29/09/2016 - After Eleanor wrote a letter to the chief constable, he decided to come into our school with his team to talk to the children about how they can make a difference within their community. We had a fantastic afternoon, learning new things about the police force, what to do in an emergency and how to keep ourselves safe. We were also able to go in their police vehicles and we took turns trying on their police coats and helmets. We would like to say a big thank you to the chief constable and his team for providing us with an enjoyable afternoon and also to Eleanor who did a fantastic job of arranging it! 

In gymnastics, we have been learning different balances, including symmetrical balances with our partner - 16/09

This week we made the most of the sunny weather and pretended to interview the characters in our story outside in our "rainforest" - 14/09

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