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Hazel Class

Wear it Wild.

We had a great deal of fun coming in dressed as wild animals and found out about endangered species of animals across the world, looking at the shocking figures that showed how populations of species have declined. Thank you for making such wonderful costumes, we hope to have raised lots of money for the WWF who help protect and look after the endangered species we learned about.


We decided as a class, that the best way to explain to everyone the affect our actions can have on the environment and the habitats of penguins, would be to write a letter. We looked at examples of letters in pairs and discussed what was good about each. We then picked one to learn off by heart, so that we can change it and link it to our learning later in the term.


In preparation for Wear it Wild on Friday, we spent the afternoon researching the movement of penguins and we had to answer the questions on the following worksheet. Ask us what we found out!

Homework- W/C: 25.05.15


Following our trip to Longleat, we wrote 'Who am I?' riddles based on the animals we had seen. To make them even more fantastic, we added lots of description to improve our writing, such as adjectives and similes.


We had a fantastic time at Longleat safari park, looking at all the different animals they have there and spending time with the Humboldt penguins. The day could've gone on forever and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!


Still image for this video

Homeowrk- W/C: 18.05.15


Our own versions of Jack and the Beanstalk are currently in the drafting stages and we've been working hard, lesson by lesson, to write the story bit by bit. We stopped mid-lesson to look at this persons super start and identified some really impressive things. We then discussed what could be done next so that they ended up with a fantastic finish. 

Austin's Butterfly. 

In Hazel class, we watched an interesting video on a boy called Austin who is a First Grader in a school in America. He was asked to draw a butterfly by his teacher and made a really super start. Austin's friends gave him some really specific advice and with their help, he ended up with a fantastic finish! Have a look at the images to see how much he developed his skills. We will be working on giving our friends some similar feedback to get them to a fantastic finish as well!

Hazel and Elder Class Letter Term 5 and 6

Hazel Class Curriculum Plan Term 5 and 6

Homework: W/C: 20.04.15

Homework for Easter- apologies for the delay- technical issues.

Use the following document along with the video to find out how to divide using the chunking method. Divide numbers over 50 by a times table you are familiar with, e.g. 85 divide by 5 =

Dividing using the chunking method.

Still image for this video

Circus skills. 

Wednesday afternoon we headed to Devizes school for our afternoon of circus skills. We had a go at juggling, tightrope walking, uni-cycling, diablos and tumbling. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!




This week we developed our dances to incorporating tribal moves! We had to tell a story throughout the routine that showed the importance of farming to people in Malawi!



On Monday we showed Elder class what we have learnt so far in our fife lessons. We played a few tunes ending with our favourite- Ninja Meerkats!

Homework- W/C: 16.03.15


We were very lucky to have Mr and Mrs Tolhurst come to visit us and share their experiences of living and working in Malawi. We found out lots of information, such as primary school is now free in Malawi, but secondary school isn't and you have to pass a test to get in. If you don't pass and don't have the money, you have to go to work!


P.E: Dance.

We made the most of the sunshine on Tuesday and headed outdoors for our P.E session. We learnt how to do moves as a canon (one at a time) and in unison (all together). Once we'd mastered these, in our groups we created a routine based on African animals, that included 1 canon, 1 unison and a freeze frame. Try to guess which animals we're pretending to be!

Homework- W/C: 09.03.15


During our computing lesson, we started looking at different databases, as we will be making our own on Malawi. We had a lot of fun exploring what a 'record' and a 'field' was, by creating some Minion Top Trump cards and playing one another once we'd finished.


We spent along time this week looking at fractions. To help us work out how to find fractions of numbers, we divided our 'pizza' plates into 8 and then split the toppings among the slices. We counted how many toppings were on 1 slice, 2 slices etc to help us.

Homework- W/C 02.03.15

Rice Challenge. 

We had a great time launching our 90kg rice challenge with the rest of the school on Thursday. We took part in rice tasting, African dancing, learning about the beliefs in Malawi and finding out about how rice is grown and sold. Have a look at the gallery for some pics!

Homework- Half Term


As you can see in the pictures below, our work this tem has featured around making mechanisms. We made cams and based them on the story of Traction Man.

Book Character Day.

Can you work out who we came to school dressed as?


As we've been exploring the book about 'Traction man' and are moving on to think about our own versions of the story, we created our own setting for the story to take place in. To get a true sense of what it would be like there, we 'jumped' into our picture and used our drama skills to help us explore and explain what we could see, hear, taste, touch and smell.


We had a great time with Mr Gale learning about the Jewish Passover. We were lucky enough to take part in our version of the Seder meal and tried all the different foods that are eaten during the celebration. As you can see from some of our faces, we weren't overly keen on the horseradish!

Homework- W/C- 12.01.15


This week we re-visited multiplying using the grid method below. We remembered that when dealing with larger numbers, we partition these into their hundreds, tens and units, multiply these and then add all the answers back together!


Still image for this video


We've started our book for this term- 'Traction man meets Turbo Dog' and so far have looked at different famous explorers. We then thought about what we might take if we were to go on an adventure. See our 'Blue Peter-esque' explanations below...



Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Dance Festival.

We had a fantastic time at the Devizes School dance festival. Jess and Flora (year 11 students) taught us a really fun routine and once we'd mastered it, we performed it on front of the other schools that also attended the afternoon.

A big thank you to David and Ann Howard who put on a fabulous circus skills event for us in the church, where we learnt to balance and juggle!



We have used a variety of skills with Mrs Jones to create our own Anderson shelters. We had to measure the wood and select the amount we would need for our design. We then used a glue gun to fix these pieces together and bonded the joint further to make our structure more stable.

See below the fantastic war memorials children in the class made for homework...

Guide Dog Visit.

We were visited by Phoebe the guide dog as part of our 'Keeping Safe' theme, finding out about how animals can help us and keep us safe. Phoebe is 6 months old and in the middle of puppy training and once she's finished, she'll go to big dog school. After that, she'll be matched with the blind person she'll live with and support until she's 10 years old, at which, she'll retire.

Remembrance Service.

Please look at the gallery for all the images and clips from our fantastic church Remembrance service!

Bovington Tank Museum.

We had a fantastic tie at the tank Museum on Tuesday, exploring the Trenches, tanks and home front house. We were able to draw on our learning about WW1, whilst learning new facts about WW2. The staff at the museum were very helpful and we all came away wanting to go back!

Standing to attention in our uniforms.

Still image for this video

Marching off to battle.

Still image for this video

Homework- W/C 10.11.14

WW1 visitors. 


We had a very exciting and interesting morning with our visitors from Devizes Good Afternoon Choir. We shared the information we had found out about our family members as well as our learning from this term. The visitors brought in some fascinating items for us to look at, including some very rare artefacts.


After break we had a shared singing experience, singing such songs as 'Keep the Home Fire Burning', and 'Pack up your Troubles'.  It was the most fantastic morning, and our visitors were full of praise for our children - they were impressed with their knowledge, good manners and enthusiasm.

Homework- W/C: 13.10.14 Due: 17.10.14

WW1 letters.

On Wednesday morning, we were very lucky to have Mrs Fishlock from Southbroom Infants, come to visit and show us her letters from WW1. They were from her grandmother's cousin Fred and sent from the trenches. It alluded to some of the difficulties faced by men in WW1, however their was a positive feel about the letter, which we assumed was his way of not worrying his family back home!


Having spent the week looking at multiplication and doubling, we learnt a handy trick for learning our 9x table, using our fingers to represent tens and units! 

Homework- W/C- 29.09.14 Due- Friday 03.09.14


We've learnt a few basic passes so far this term and understand the markings of the court. We have starts playing small games to help us further understand the rules of the game. 


This week we've been thinking about the men in our recount, what they might have done before the war and how the war will have changed their lives. We created fact files to give them a background story. 


Homework- w/c: 22.9.14 - due 26.9.14

WW1 workshop

We had a fantastic workshop delivered by Mrs Millar from the Swindon archives and learnt all about Worton and Potterne during WW1. We found out about the jobs men had previously to enlisting in the army, how big the schools were and what the children did to help and looked at how both villages had changed. It was truly fascinating and we gained an impressive amount of local knowledge. 


After finding out about Europe, we then spent this afternoon using atlases to try and find some of the different countries in Europe that were involved in the First World War and were very successful! 


This week we began our flute lessons by practising on the fife. Once we've mastered the technique for blowing and making a sound , we'll move on to using a flute. Luckily we have some resident experts in class who have helped us work on this!

Homework- W/C 15th Sept. Due: 19th Sept. 


Mrs Jones took our class on Tuesday afternoon and we investigated distance and sound. We had to really listen hard to figure out which direction the source of the sound was coming from. 


We're fantastically lucky to have been given new laptops and iPads over the summer, so we've been putting them to good use, using them to research facts about World War 1 and how it started. 

Hazel Class. 

Welcome back to Hazel class. We hope you've had a fantastic summer! We're really excited to be back and have settled in to our new room nicely! Our theme this term is ' We will remember' and we had great fun looking at World War 1 so far! 




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