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Elder Class

On Wednesday 25th June the year 5s and 6s took part in the Small Schools Music Festival in Bradford upon Avon. The children have very worked hard over the past few months, they've attended workshops with other schools organised by Womad and members of Siyaya, a band from Zimbabwe, learnt songs, drum routines, and dances and even made their own costumes. I'm sure you will agree that the evening performance  attended by parents was very professional and entertaining.     

On Monday 23rd June, the year 6 children attended the Junior Good citizen event, organised by Wiltshire Police.

We learnt about how to stay safe including online safety, car breaking distances and fire hazards in the home. We also learnt  about antisocial behaviour, what happens if you break the law  and even got to look around a mock up prison cell! It was a very enjoyable and  informative afternoon.

In science we have been learning about changing materials and have been investigating dissolving. We carried out a fair test to see how  using different water temperatures   affected the time taken for sugar to dissolve.
Junior Good Citizen event survey

On Monday 16th June the whole school went to the beach at Hengistbury Head in Dorset. We did some sketching of the landscape and of items we found on the beach. Then as part of our geography coasts topic, we learnt about and saw the effects of erosion and how it effects the coastline. We also witnessed first hand, the swash and backwash of waves. After a picnic lunch on the beach we got together in our house groups,  did a beach  treasure hunt and made our finds into a sculpture. We even had time for a paddle in the very cold sea! 

On Friday 13th June all of the year 6 children went to the Design and Technology  (DT) Dept at Dauntseys school where we made clocks out of resistant materials. First, we were taught how to use their computer aided design software, we were able to choose our own colour schemes and created our designs on computers. Next, our design images were saved and sent directly to a lazer printer which precisely cut out the pieces of our designs onto plastic sheets.

We also made stands for our clocks out of perspex, we choose a message, which was engraved by machine. Then we had to heat the perspex and bend it over a wooden block to form the correct shape for a stand. Finally, we assembled our clocks, stuck the plastic pieces onto the clock face, and  with the help of the Dauntsey's teachers we fixed the clock back and hands onto our designs. We are very proud of our finished clocks, I'm sure you agree that they look great! 

Term 6

On Friday 6th June all of the Year 6 children had a walk safe talk from Marcus.  This is an annual event for all children moving on to secondary school, and we hope it will help to keep them safe.  Marcus talked about the repercussions of accidents, and how easily they can happen.  We explored the dangers of talking on a mobile phone (or texting). Also, there were reminders about how to cross the road safely.

In these photos we were talking about the need to wear a helmet.  The raw egg represents our brain, and in the first photo a cycle helmet is used.  When the egg is dropped it remains intact.  Not so for the second egg, dropped with no protection! Imagine if that were our heads!  It was very though provoking.

On the last Friday morning of Term 5,  KS2 shared their Egyptian learning, including songs, with parents and carers. Here are some of Elder class reading out their poems, talking about Egyptian life and showing their clay Canopic jars which they made in Design and Technology. 
During the final week of Term 5 the Year 5 and 6 children enjoyed athletics coaching.  On both Monday and Tuesday they had two one hour sessions in the morning.  They improved their sprinting and long jump on Monday, and on Tuesday they learnt how to pace themselves to run longer distances.  After break their improved their throwing technique - throwing a vortex. 
Numeracy - Elder class were given the challenge of building pyramids using sugar cubes, cocktail sticks and marshmallows. Here are some of our successes including a spectacular  square based pyramid made from  equilateral triangles.
In PE we  have been learning to orienteer which involves using a simple map to locate  control points. We then applied our map reading skills and placed our own  control points around the school grounds for others to find.
We are taking part in the Small Schools Music Festival later in June and have been working with Siyaya a famous pop band from Zimbabwe. Here we are attending one of the music workshops.
In music we have been  performing to each other and sharing our musical talents.

Please read the following letter carefully, for important information regarding this term.

​Use the link below to find out what learning will take place in Elder class this term. 
This term in DT  we have  been designing  and making Canopic jars using clay. These  jars were used by the ancient Egyptians to store organs in, which they removed  from the bodies of mummified Pharaohs. We coiled lengths of clay to make the pot then made a lid  incorporating an animal or human form. Finally,  we decorated and painted our jars, some even contain replica clay body  parts!  We are very proud of our finished products.


During the morning, we supported Sport Relief and  made a donation to wear our sports gear. We then got together in our house groups and the house captains led different activities which we all took part in. Everyone had a great time. 


Here we are on our KS2 trip to the Bristol City Museum to visit the Egyptian artefacts, and learn through the hands-on work shops.  It was amazing to see original artefacts that had been created thousands of years ago. It was a great learning day which we really enjoyed. 

On Monday 10th February Andy Burns  an  Astronomer, came to talk to us about Space and our solar system. He also came back in the evening with some very powerful telescopes and other volunteers from the Wiltshire Astronomical Society to do some stargazing.


We were lucky, it was a clear night and we were able to see the craters on the moon in detail and various other stars and planets including Jupiter. Remember if you have any questions about space, bring them to school and we will pass them on to Andy to answer.  

On Monday 3rd February Kate Williams, a Poet came to visit us. She inspired us with her poems and we learned how to turn our ideas about dragons into our own poems. See pictures of us presenting our work to the rest of the class. 
Here we are in Religious Education (R.E.) studying different versions of the Bible.  This is part of our current unit of learning which looks at sacred texts.

This week (20.1.14) during Art we have been using different materials and techniques to make collages of our fictional creatures.

This Thursday (16.1.2014) author and illustrator MP Robertson (author and illustrator of the Egg and other stories) came and spent the day at KS2.  Firstly he spoke with all the children, and explained how he writes and illustrates his books, and where he draws inspiration from.  For the rest of the day he spent time in each class, using ideas generated by the children to create a fictional creature.  Then the children had their own chance to create the own creature. 

In these photos he is discussing with each of us how to improve our drawings, and what he admired most about them.  Below is the illustration he drew for our class.


This week we have been writing our Explanation texts.  Linked to our Inventors theme we watch a short Wallace and Gromit clip where a Snowmatron was used.  The children had to write a text explaining how they think it might work.

Once we had finished our text we edited it.  We used a dictionary to check spellings.  Then we had a check list, first we checked our own writing, and then our partner checked to ensure we had included all the features.  There was still the opportunity to go back and make further improvements.

This is the 'A' team who represented our School at the Dauntsey's Hockey tournament.
Below is our 'B' team, who were also excellent ambassadors for our school.


Today we went to Dauntseys Independant School for our P.E. lesson.  We enjoyed playing on the astro turf as well as using all the space! 

For an overview of our learning this term, follow the link below:

Guided Reading in Elder Class

Reading is really important, and time is allocated to Guided Reading daily.  As you can see from these photographs children are in groups, and each day is different.  One day they will be with the teacher.  Another day they will be reading their own choice of book (sitting on the sofa or bean seat).  One day a group will use the laptops to access the Espresso website and read book extracts, then answer comprehension questions.  Another day will be dovoted to reading non-fiction books (related to a current theme).  Finally, a group will complete a grammar based activity.


Here are are identifying the language features of Explanatory texts, then we  checked, using the fabulous Espresso site, to see if we are correct. 

Following our visit to @Bristol we have been applying our Design and Technology skills and knowledge of electrical circuits to build interactive models and displays which light up.

DT making models with electrical circuits

We had a great day visiting @Bristol, first we investigated  the  many scientific interactive displays and exhibits  which included lots about how the human body worked, forces, light and electricity. We also had the opportunity to make news and animation films. After lunch we attended an electricity workshop and found out which everyday appliances use the most electricity. We also made and tested electrical circuits. 

@Bristol trip 11/11/13

15.11.13 - Children in Need Day!  The children have shown fabulous support for this event by wearing their pyjamas.  Here are some of us researching the Children in Need website, finding out more about his important event.
History today - finding out about famous inventors who helped with the discovery and use of electricity - who were they? What did they look like?  When did they make their discoveries, and what were they?
Here is our 'A' team who played on Wednesday in the second round of the Devizes league matches.

This is some of the children from Neptune House.  These Elder Class boys are helping the younger children to make poppies.  All of the poppies from each house were attached to a wreath, which will be used on Sunday in the churches of Worton and Potterne.

Term 2

It's the first day back after the holidays, and we are hard at work measuring items. We have estimated, and then recorded our measurements in two ways.

We have been working hard on our Viking Long ships in Design and Technology. First, we measured and cut wood and cardboard to make the decks and hulls, then we used a range of stiff and flexible materials to add other details such as sails, oars and shields. We are really pleased with our finished Long ships.

Tuesday 22nd of October was our fantastic Viking Day!


We met the Vikings in their camp - including King Guthrum!


We have made our own Thor's Hammar, learnt battle drill, how to write Kennings, and finished with the Battle of Ethandune (Edington)! What a fantastic day.!


This was our Saxon day - check out our frightening poses!

In our gallery are pictures of us and a very interesting visitor:

This week during science, as part of our changing materials topic, we have been investigating melting points and looking at the physical changes of different materials as they change from a solid to a liquid.

10.10.13 - Here are our footballers who played so well today as a team, and tried so hard.  You were a real credit to our school!

Here we are enjoying our hockey coaching, which is delivered every Wednesday by coaches from Dauntsey's School.  We are practicing defending and passing.

This is us in our Music lesson with Mrs Lee.  We are working in groups to perform sequences of music we have written.

Harvest Festival:

See the gallery for photos of our sharing in church.

Follow the link below for an overview of the learning that will take place this term...
In numeracy we having been learning addition using the column method.
As part of our science changing materials topic we have been investigating solids, liquids and gases.

As part of our Viking topic we have been researching and designing Viking Long Ships which we will be making in the next few weeks.

In Literacy we have been writing newspaper reports. Also we have been learning a Viking adventure story and using actions to help us remember it.

To start this new school year we headed off to Plas Pencelli for a week's residential trip. Click on the link below to see photos of us rock climbing, problem solving, gorge walking, canoeing and caving.

Elder Class Autumn Term Newsletter

This is Elder Class. There are twenty Year 6 children and four Year 5 children. Our teacher is Mrs Alvis for most of the time and Mrs Jones teaches us every Monday. Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Harris. We really enjoy being the eldest children in the school and enjoy the responsibility and special jobs that we can do to help.

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