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Elder Class

Friday 13th of July - Air Tattoo visit at Fairford 

The whole of Five Lanes School went to the Royal International Air Tattoo (at Fairford).  Once we arrived, after a long journey, we all got into our groups.  When everyone was in their groups we split up and went to look at the planes on display.

When everyone was looking at the planes we saw lots of schools going inside of the substantial Swedish plane, so we went to investigate.  When we got to the plane we asked the guards if we were allowed to go in and look around.  They said we're allowed and we all got very excited.  When we got into the plane it looked bigger on the inside than it looked on the outside!

After that great experience we were allowed to go inside a camouflaged helicopter.  We all had a turn sitting in the driver's and passenger seats.  After that we heard lots of screaming because the newest plane, which was extremely loud.  After that hear-racing experience it was time for the Red Arrows display.  It was good! I really enjoyed this experience, I wish I could go again.

                               Written by Theo

Thursday 12th July 2018 - visit from Bristol City Goalkeeper!

On the 12th of July 2018, footballing legend Frank Fielding (Bristol City's first choice goalkeeper)  came into our school. Elder and Hazel class took 3 penalties against him (a few people scored), he also taught us some skills such as step overs and the Ronaldo chop.


  It started when, in English, Elder class had to write a persuasive letter to a footballer. I decided to write to Frank Fielding, a few days later we got a call from Olly (the person who runs Frank's supported charity). instead of asking for money for himself he asked for £1 from everyone, which went to hospice care charity. Every one loved it very much - it was a fantastical experience.


Written By Eli  


July 2018

After finishing a unit of persuasive writing (writing letters to persuade professional football players to ask them to visit our school), we have now moved on to writing a script for a radio news report.

We've been learning what 'open' questions are and have written some quality ones.  In these photos we are interviewing the successful cricket girls and writing down their answers.  You can see from their faces how carefully they are considering their answers!

Next steps will be the plan and write our scripts.  We will then learn how to deliver (perform) our reports learning how to change the volume and tone of our voices and how to engage the listener.

Friday 29th June 2018

It was the girls cricket county finals today at Trowbridge Cricket Club.  We made it through the group stages, won our semi-final and found ourselves in the final!  It was a very close and tense match, but the girls kept their focus and stayed calm and we won!

This has to be the MOST SIGNIFICANT SPORTING VICTORY in our school's history!

Saturday 23rd of June 2018

This morning it was the Dauntsey's cricket tournament.  Both teams played three matches - winning them all, however, they had to be very determined and resilient to achieve these terrific wins.

Our parents were there in large numbers, showing tremendous support as always.

A group of children from Elder class took part in the  science share  day at Bath Spa University. Along with many other schools they took part in different science based challenges. Then  in the afternoon there was a science fair where the children could try out each others science investigations. In line with our animals and humans science topic this term, we chose  making a model of the components  of blood! As you can see from the photos everyone had a great day.

19th June science share day at Bath Spa University.

Friday 15th June

Another brilliant day of cricket from our Year 5 and 6 children at the Devizes Cricket tournament - winners again!


13th of June 2018

Today was a brilliant day for our girls cricket team who played in a tournament in Chippenham along with 15 other schools. After comfortably winning their group they play a quarter final match (winning by 50 runs).  Then it was the final match with the winners earning the right to play in County Finals - it was a very tight and tense match - but we won by 7 runs! It was a superb result in which they played so well as supportive team members.  

22nd May 2018 - Anglo-Saxon experience at Devizes Museum.

Terms 3 and 4

During these two terms the children have become composers.  First they have listened two Holst's Planet Suite (linked to our Space theme 'Reach for the Stars' and now they are composing music to a planet of their choice.  Here are a couple of groups practicing their composition.

Jeremy Strong's Visit

On Tuesday, the 6th of February, a famous author came to our school! (Jeremy Strong). He was very funny with his hilarious jokes, for example; we need to have a fridge near us while we are writing stories and to always eat chocolate. But now onto the serious part! Jeremy showed us where he writes his stories, (in a big garden shed) and apparently he's writing a new book right now! Whilst he was at our school he also read a chapter of one of his books, Romans on the Rampage. Also, at the end of his visit he signed our Jeremy Strong books. Just before he left, we had a picture with him! When he left, we wrote a paragraph of advice or how he inspired us. Here's two examples: " He has inspired us to use our imagination and that anything is possible when your writing your own story!" Max. "Jeremy Strong has inspired me by taking it 5 years to get his first book published, so don't give up!" Em-J.

Written by Eleanor and Rose.


Gymnastics Competition - 31.1.18

This Wednesday afternoon was the first ever Gymnastics competition, and we entered one team in the Year 4 section ,and one team in the Year 5 and 6 category.  In lessons and Gymnastics Club the children have been learning and refining the elements required.

Each child presented their routine to the judges followed by applause from the other competitors and adults in the Sports Hall at Devizes School.  Despite the close scrutiny of the judges and nerves, our gymnasts performed exceptionally well.  .  The Year 5 and 6 team - Regan, Em-J, Taiya, Eleanor,  Theo and Ella were runners-up!  Also, Regan received a special certificate and trophy as she had the highest score of all the gymnasts in the Year 5 and 6 group!

It has been a very enjoyable and successful venture,  and many have since looked to join gym clubs out of school, which is great to see.

10th January 2018 - maths

Today in maths we have been learning about using symbols and letters for missing amounts - this is called algebra.  Here we are playing a game like Dominoes which will help us to understand this learning.  

As you can see from the photos it took lots of thinking and some discussion too.

Christmas 2017

We are enjoying ourselves at this special time of the year.  We had fun at our parties and Father Christmas came to visit!  He brought us all books - he knows what we want!

Computing and Art

We completed a mini Christmas inspired theme where we studied Bruegel's 'Census in Bethlehem'.  We learnt about QR (quick response) codes, and how we can use an app called Aurasma to create our own QR code based on our reading books which then 'unlocked' a short video clip of us talking about the book.

We are authors!

Here we are writing the final copy of our Ancient Greek myth.  These are all being compiled into books which everyone can read, and eventually they will be kept in our Library. 

December 2017

Our Worton site Christmas production of Bethlehem the Musical.

28th November 2017

We have been making Christmas decoration in class, and two of us were able to go to the church in Devizes for their decorate a tree event.  Amazingly, two lives camels came and actually were in the church!  They were very quiet and we were able to say hello to them.

All entries were judged by Claire Perry, and our entries won the 'Best Theme' category, winning £100 for our school!

27th November 2017

Five Lanes are through to the county Boccia Festival! We won all of our games in the heats which put us through to the next round where we lost 2 and won 1. The team played brilliantly together and quickly adapted to playing on a much bigger court. 

Saturday 18th of November

Dauntsey's hockey tournament this morning, with two teams in action.  Both were totally committed and showed their skills to our supportive families.  In the photo below the 'B' team are proudly displaying their silver medals - what an achievement!

Onesie Day for World Diabetes Day - 14th of November 2017


Wednesday 8th November

This afternoon both our boys and girls teams played in the Devizes tournament.  Lots of wins and lots of goals, and the girls finished second which means they then qualify for the next round of competition next month.  It was a great afternoon and so well supported by our fabulous parents.

18th October 2017

This afternoon we had a fire safety talk.  We learnt about the hazards that might be in our houses, and what we can do to stay safe.  Also, we learnt  about making a safety fire plan, and what to do if there was a fire in our house.

Thank you to everyone who came  along to our Harvest celebrations in church this week.  There was a fantastic response to donations for food which we have taken to the Devizes Food Bank with Miss Cunningham and ourselves.

Your generosity is much appreciated.

Ella and Olivia

16th October - Our Ancient Greek Day

Today Chestnut Class came to the Worton site to join us in range of activities.  We were split into four mixed age groups and enjoyed Greek dancing, preparing and trying Greek food, writing like Ancient Greeks and completing an archeological dig.  As you can see we are all dressed as Ancient Greeks too!  It was great fun and we learnt so much!

10th October 2017

We are wearing yellow today as we are supporting Children's Mental Health Day.  We wrote some advice for what we could do if we are finding things difficult, and this is up in our classroom so we can look at it if we need some advice.

On the 10th of October 2017 some people from Arla Milk company came to talk to us about milk it was very exciting especially because we knew that we would get to try some milk related food like cheese and yoghurt. We watched a slide show for about half an hour- it was incredibly interesting and lots of us learnt something new about the day in the life of milk. Before we got to try the food we had to put on a red or blue hair net these were kind of itchy and very annoying but some people found them alright. Then we got to try the food it was nice we tried yoghurt and cheese the cheese was alright and so was the yoghurt. By Taiya and Emily-Jayne.  

On Monday 2nd October, we were very lucky to have Cassie Patten come to our school. We were given sponsorship forms to get as much money as we could for athletes in the UK and more play equipment. We also had to do a circuit. In the circuit , we had to do spotty dogs, leg drive, press ups and star jumps. This was the best day ever! 

By Gracie and Riley.

25th September 2017

This morning we had a special visitor, an international triathlete called Rachel Bown.  She was introducing us to the game of Boccia and some of us will develop our skills further.  In one photo you can see some of us with the Olympic Torch she carried.

September 2017

This month our main focus in computing is staying safe online.  We have re-visited how to search safely, and have focused on how to stay safe and be responsible when using social media.

Our residential trip to Plas Pencelli

This was an outstandingly successful trip - most of the photos are in the gallery, but a few below to whet your appetite.  Also, please open this word document - this is for you to read about our adventures - in pairs we each wrote a paragraph.

Here are our House Captains and Vice Captains.  We are delighted that so many children within our school are prepared to take on these important leadership roles which help to make our school the fantastic place that it is!

Below are the Head Boy (Max) and Deputy Head Boy (Joe) and our Head Girl (Ella) and our Deputy Head Girl (Olivia).

These special leaders were chosen by all of the children at our school and we are sure they will do a superb job throughout the year.

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