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Elder Class

Term 6
Following winning the orienteering competition at Devizes school our team were invited to take part in the Wiltshire School Games held at Marlborough College. They had a fantastic day and as well as taking part in the orienteering, they were much inspired by displays of ball  skills by footballer Ash Randall and basketballer Tom 'Conman' Conners. They also met Natasha Hunt an England rugby  player and the Games mascot Ra Cat.
As part of our 'Good to be Green' topic, a group from Elder class visited Hillworth Park, where they learnt more about growing plants and composting.
Here are the  year 6's at Salisbury Cathedral,  where they attended a leavers service with many other schools from across Wiltshire.
In Art we have been learning about colour and here we during a painting lesson  mixing primary colours together  to create secondary colours.

Elder and Hazel Class Letter Term 5 and 6

Elder Class Curriculum Plan Term 5 and 6

Here is our winning 'A' team from the Tag Rugby tournament in March.

As part of our Helping Hands theme we learnt about Malawi.  We were very fortunate because two retired teachers , who had taught for many years in Malawi came in to share their experiences with the children.  

In these photos we are exploring the artefacts that they brought back with them.

This is some of the children in the Neptune House group on our whole school day.  The children had a lovely day where the focus was on books, which is why we are dressed as our favourite book character. In these photos we are sharing books with our partners.

Our Science investigations continue.  Here we are investigating gravity and are linking this to our class text - Traction Man meets Turbodog.  In our Science Thinking groups we decided how to conduct our investigation, what we are going to measure and which variables we are going to keep the same, and the one we will change.  Our 'Traction Man' was released from the same height, but with varying 'weights'.

Our theme for Term 3 is Fantastic Forces.  In these photographs we are investigating friction.  


Today we had two special visitors as part of our Keeping Safe fortnight.  This is Phoebe, a six month old puppy who is being trained by George as a Guide Dog for the Blind.  It was fascinating to hear from George how Guide Dogs were trained, and we were all allowed to say hello to Phoebe at the end. (Then wash our hands)

November 2014 - What a wonderful collection of shoe boxes that we have filled as part of the Operation Christmas Child.  Just imagine the joy a shoe box filled with gifts will bring to poor children.  Many thanks to everyone who took part in this, it is really something special to be a part of.
When I set the War Memorial homework during half term I had very little idea of what to expect as the end result.  The task was to design a war memorial  - and the results were fantastic!  There are some very carefully drawn war memorials in homework books, and these 3D models are just a few of the truly imaginative ones created by Elder Class.  Well done everyone, this was special.

Remembrance Service.

Please look at the gallery for all the images and clips from our fantastic church Remembrance service!

On Tuesday 2nd November we went on an amazing trip to Bovington Tank museum, it has  around 300 original tanks to see. We learnt about the history of tanks and were lucky enough to go inside a real WW1 tank . We also experienced what the conditions  were like in reconstructed trenches. After lunch we  attended a workshop and learnt about the roles of air raid wardens, the women's land army, the home guard and what life was like  at home in Britain during WW2. We even got to dress up as soldiers learnt to march and salute, have a look at our pictures.
Bovington Tank Museum


We had a very exciting and interesting morning with our visitors from Devizes Good Afternoon Choir.  As you can see they dressed for the WW1 period, and many were able to bring artefacts to share with the children.  In term our children shared the fascinating information they have found about family members who experienced either of the World Wars. 

After break we had a shared singing experience, singing such song as 'Keep the Home Fire Burning', and 'Pack up your Troubles'.  It was the most fantastic morning, and our visitors were full of praise for our children - they were impressed with their knoweldge, good manners and enthusiam.

Here we are in a music lesson.  Our focus in Term 1 has been using scale, we have been learning about musical notation.
On Tuesday 16th of September the Worton children had a visit from Mrs Miller who is from the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre. We had asked her to research and share with the children original documents for the villages of 
Worton and Potterne which show what it was like for residents during World War 1.
She had uncovered a wide variety of documents which she had photocopied and these gave us a 
fascinating insight into what life was like in these villages during this time.
In science this term we are investigating sound, so far we have  listened carefully and tried to  identify the direction and the distance of sounds we can hear whilst being blindfolded! This week  we have  carried out various practical investigations to make sound vibrations. We  have learnt that energy is needed to make  a sound  and that it can travel through different materials.  


This was an English lesson.  We are reading the text 'War Game' by Micheal Foreman. (This links with our current theme). Here we are improvising a section of the text.  The main characters had just enlisted to fight in WW1, and have returned home to share their news with their families.  Groups' presentations included a range of reactions from their families, all acted out with real enthusiasm.  The following day we used the improvisations to write a section of the text using speech. 



This was a very exciting day for all of us - the first time we have used the new laptops and iPad minis!  In these photographs we are safely searching the internet to discover which countries were involved in the First World War.  Later we used the Espresso web site to learn (or extend our learning) about apostrophes.

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