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Thank you to everyone for all my lovely leaving cards and gifts. I will miss you all. Farewell to Five Lanes with best wishes from Mrs Furniss x

Working with others to solve maths word problems...what shall we do first?

Term 6 maths targets for Chestnut

This week's SUPPORT AT HOME sheet for Y1/2

DT: Making our own healthy ice-cream flavour using fresh fruit, dried fruit and healthy sprinkles.

Ice cream labels.
Finding the fruit that we'd planned.
Mixing it up.
What can you spot in my recipe?
Mango and vanilla?
Fresh strawberries in this flavour.
Chocolate ice-cream with fresh apple.

In DT we have been designing and making our own healthy ice-cream flavour. This week, we put fresh fruit, dried fruit, ice-cream and healthy sprinkles (oats and sesame seeds) on top. We tasted our new flavours. Look out next week for the verdicts!

We have been sorting numbers by their properties. Can you tell which properties are shown here?

We can re-tell a story using a story map!

We can link drawings and symbols to show multiplication.

Take a look at this week's Support at Home sheet for Chestnut Class.

Pentagon group looked around the library for Right Angles. How did they know when they had found one? They checked with Right Angle checkers they made earlier!

Looking for Right Angles

Finding a Right Angle on the chair
Computer screens have Right Angles
How many Right Angles are here?
What shape is this book? How many Right Angles?

Gym-tastic at Devizes School!

A Gym-tastic afternoon!


The children from Chestnut and Beech classes had exciting visit today to Devizes School for a Primary School gym festival. We did jumping, travelling, made shapes and did rolling, all inspired by a brilliant gymnastics display to music by some Year 7 girls. Well done to all and thank you to the parents who helped us!

Maths: Dividing by GROUPING

Art:Printing using natural objects to look like skin close-up

Skin up close.
Using stones to print.
What a lot we have learnt from our chicks' visit this term: we've drawn and written about the chicken life cycle, kept chick diaries, learnt new vocabulary, sorted them by colour, size and weight and learnt what you need to keep chicks alive! We've also learnt that sometimes -even with everything they need - chicks don't always survive. But what a lovely time we've had watching them hatch and grow. Farewell our feathered friends!

Bye bye Chestnut chicks!

It was the chicks' last day today! Farewell!

Art: Printing

Rolling pasta twills...
What a great effect!
Carefully rolling to print a pattern.
What does this look like?
Does it remind you of anything?
Great rainbow effects.

The 5 Chestnut chicks are very active and are beginning to cheep a lot!

Our Chestnut Class chicks are at the start of their life cycles.

Have a look at what's going on this term in Chestnut Class in our Summer Term 1 letter.

Art: Printing

Still image for this video
Peeling back the plastic bubble wrap to see the print effect...

Art:Printing.We looked at our skin up close...how could we make a print like that?

Can you guess what we used to create this print?
Pressing gently to make the paint stick
What does thi remind you of?
Revealing the pattern...i
Got time between Easter Eggs?...Have a look at our fun Easter homework activities on the sheet below. Have a lovely Easter!

Numeracy / ICT: I can use words that describe position and direction. I can read and follow instructions.


100 = ? + ? How many ways can we make this true?

100 = ? + ?
Multiples of 10 pairs to 100
Multiples of 10 pairs to 100

Successful parents evening

Thank you to everyone who attended the parent/teacher consultation meetings this week in Chestnut. It was lovely to see you all and update you about your child's learning. 

This week's support at home sheet.

DT: designing and making houses from the time of the Great Fire of London

I can mark out, cut and shape materials.
Look out for a transformation from boxes to houses
Planning  our build...materials and tools
How will I make my house?

Using story maps to help with non Fiction Historical Recounts

Can you spot what the story might be?
It's1666 ....
A baker has left his oven on...
What happened next?
Using our maps to help us write the recount.

We have finished writing and illustrating our very own story books.

Family Learning: Storymaking

Family Learning: Thank you to all the parents who turned up (on a rainy Thursday afternoon) to do STORY MAKING in Chestnut Class with their children! We used dice to generate characters, settings, problems and objects for our stories and then post-its, pens and large paper to draw and write them...they were fantastic! There was even a sprinkling of magic objects. We really got excited about who and what was in our stories. Look out for photos next week...Thank you again, and well done to all!

Do have a look at this week's support at home sheet.

Have a look at this week's home support sheet for Y1/2

Chestnut Class went to Devizes library today! First, we learnt about library cards, how long you can borrow books for and what types of books the library has. Next, we had to go and find a book, and explain why we chose it. Some people liked the cover or illustrations and some liked the subject matter. Lastly, William read us some funny picture stories. Devizes library is a great place to visit on a rainy day! smiley

Chestnut Class visited Devizes library.

This week's support at home sheet - have fun!

Art: illustration in the style of Mick Inkpen

Using alliteration to describe animals for sale - just like 'The Great Pet Sale'!

This week's learning support for parents and carers at home.

Have a look in your child's homework book for some Christmas themed homework in Chestnut. A festive nativity wordsearch is stuck in their book and scroll down this week's sheet to take a look at the fun maths game!

This week's support at home sheet for Y1/2

Is it possible to fold a rectangle diagonally? We're finding out...

Animal shape poems in Year 1/2

Halving and doubling using monster legs!

Have a look at this week's homework sheet to support your child's learning in school.

We have been: cutting safely, measuring well and choosing tools and materials to make our Christmas lanterns in DT. They're nearly finished ...just a bit more glue and glitter to make them really Christmassy!

DT:Making Christmas lanterns

Counting in 2s to 100...can you spot the pattern?

We have used the instructions we have learnt and set our trap!

Help support your child's learning this week by looking at this week's sheet...

This week's support at home sheet

Thanks to those of you getting involved with the homework and spellings in Chestnut class. Look out for those yellow homework books coming home again today :-)

Doubles of numbers up to 10

Counting forwards and backwards in 2s

We have been learning how to write instructions. Ask us how to catch a cheeky elf.

This week's 'Support at home' sheet

Exploring repeated patterns with shapes and colour

Children's own photos of patterns

Being reflective in art.

Letting others know what we think of their art.
Reflecting on our planet art.
Which bits did we like best?

We have been learning about 3D shapes and Chestnut class were given a top secret mission! Sssssh!

This week we have been investigating ways to fly our rockets.

Who can find a pair to 10?

We have been examining this story by John Burningham and writing a new page for it! Can you spot our animals and the reason they want to get on the train?

This week's SUPPORT AT HOME sheet

We have been learning about the first moon landing and had a go at acting it out!

We are the planets song

Still image for this video
By popular demand! This is the planet song Chestnut class have been listening to and learning.

Learning about the = sign through rhyme

Still image for this video
This is our rhyme to help us remember that the equals sign means the same both sides,

Learning PAIRS TO 10 through song

Still image for this video
This is our current WAKE AND SHAKE song, all about which numbers match to make 10
In Chestnut class this week we have been learning about space! We have had fun making out own spinning planets!

Want to find out what we'll be learning about in Chesnut class throughout Autumn? Click on the link below.

How to support your child's learning in the classroom at home...

Chestnut Class Newsletter

Welcome to Chestnut class. We're the oldest class at the KS1 site and have two teachers, Mrs Furniss and Mrs Duffield. In class, we have been reading "Giraffes Can't Dance" and thinking, drawing and writing about the story. We are looking forward to our new topic called "To infinity and beyond!"