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Chestnut Class

25.02.15 - We looked at lots of different printed materials to get inspiration to design our own printed bags.

03.03.15 - P.E. In gymnastics we were using the benches to practise jumping. We thought about different ways of travelling and how we could improve our jumping technique.

02.02.15 D and T. With Mrs Duffield on a Monday we are building our own 3D models of a lighthouse to tie in with our story 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'.

28.01.15 -Computing. We have great fun using codes to make thigs happen on the iPads. Soon we will be able to create our own apps.

26.01.15 - Music. We learned about beat and rhythm and about tempo. We explored this through actions and then transferred this skill when we used the instruments.

06.01.15 - P.E. We learned the difference between 1,2,3 and 4 point balances.

05.12.14 - English. We worked with a partner to identify nouns from the text we are learning - 'The Huge Bag of Worries'.

Maths - we used number cards and maths vocabulary cards to make sentences which were correct!

November - We had a visit from a guide dog trainer and he brought one of the dogs in with him. We learned all about how and why they train the dogs and a bit about what it is like to be blind. We really enjoyed the visitor coming and asked lots of really good question.

18.9.14 English. We created our own 'wild things' and then used our imaginations and the thesaurus' to think of adjectives to describe our creations!

Story time in Chestnut! 09.09.14

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Numeracy - 11.09.14. We had great fun exploring making patterns.

Welcome to Chestnut class 2014/15!

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