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Beech Class

Wishing you all a fun filled Summer holiday! Thank you to all the children for being a great class to return to after maternity leave and look forward to seeing them all as year 1 and 2 in September!

Mrs Appleby   smiley

In RE Beech Class have been learning about special buildings including our homes and the church. Today we got to visit St. Mary's church in Potterne where David gave us a tour and Lily got to dress up as the vicar!

Our Forest schools task this week was to decorate a gift to the pond. We now have some beautiful pots, shoes and watering cans to take to the pond at the Worton site this week.

In numeracy this week we have been learning about how to make patterns using a very book called PANTS. We created our own patterened wallpaper on the computers and decorated the role play house.

In numeracy this week we have been learning the concept of halving and how to be successful and it!

We had a fantasic time as a whole school visiting Hengisbury Head beach. We wrote our names, colour matched the natural resources we found and looked at erosion.

Oh and we found a dead jellyfish!

We really enjoyed working with the team from Salisbury Cathedral to make a new altar cloth based on our Christian value of Respect. Please come and see it in the hall!

In numeracy we have been learning about size and measuring. We made our own measuring sticks and found out how long things were!

Our visit to the Air ambulance Headquarters..... it was great!

Designing and making our emergency vehicles from junk modelling- look out for our finished products!

Learning how to keep ourselves safe when crossing the road and what roads signs mean.

Learning the game 'Stack em's' in PE

Our visit from the fire crew!

Beech class have had a really busy term learning about the people who help us. We have had visits from the Police, Firebrigade and we visited the Air ambulance HQ where we saw the helicopter fly off to a real emergency! The children have also made some fantastice emergency vehicles which they designed themselves and learnt many songs about people who help us including all of the above, hairdressers and of course teachers.

Beech class letter Summer Term

Thank you all the children and parents in Beech class! I've had a wonderful year teaching your fabulous children.  I wish them all the best for the future. Love Mrs King x
GOODBYE Beech class! Look at that cake! WOW!! Thank you so much! 

Another fabulous week!  We have continued to learn about our senses; having great fun with spiced painting and feely caves!  In numeracy we have been learning to recognise the numbers to 20, the teen numbers are a little tricky!! We managed to order them all on a line though!  We enjoyed making playdough for the class and icing our initials on cup cakes in golden time!


Today we have been having fun whilst raising money for Sports Relief!  We spent the afternoon doing fun activities outside.


Have a wonderful weekend!

What a wonderful week we've had this week!

We have been learning to add 2 groups together; from the photos below can you work out our number sentence? (The answer is below the photos)

We have been learning all about our senses and some of the children sorted some pictures depending on which sense they felt would be best to identify them.

We decorated some cup cakes this week, we practised our writing skills by icing our first intial on them.

What a glorious day today! After all the rain in recent weeks we had beautiful sunshine.  We made the most of the sunshine during Forest schools and made 'feely' book marks over at Worton.

Science club finally exploded their volcanoes after school today and were so excited; the lava flowed and they were all happy. I hope to have a video on the website shortly!


Have a wonderful weekend!

Our number sentence is 4 + 5 = 9.  Did you work it out?

Week beginning 10th February 2014


This week we have had a great time!

We created our own animals after hearing the story of ‘Penguin Small’.  Penguin Small went on a journey, from the North Pole to the South Pole with a snowman, discovering an island with strange animals on his way.  The children’s animal creations are fantastic!


On Tuesday we spent the day at Worton.  We dressed up as our favourite book characters and shared our favourite books with each other.  We then planned and wrote our own stories, complete with illustrations!


In gymnastics we learned how to do a hand stand, safely with Miss Myers support!


Have a lovely half-term and we will see you back at school on Tuesday 25th February!

Week beginning 27th January 2014-Chinese new year

Monday -Today we learnt to count from 1-5 in Mandarin Chinese

1 = 'yi'

 2 = 'ar'

  3 = 'san'

4 = 'su'

 5 = 'wu'

We used finger paints to make our own number cards using the Chinese symbols.


Tuesday - Today we learnt about the Chinese lion dance and how the lion represents good luck in Chinese culture.  The colour red also represents good luck; many of our crafts this week are red or gold.

Wednesday -  in Numeracy we made tangram pictures.  Tangrams are Chinese puzzles.  The shapes of the tangram make up a square.  We made a horse picture because this year, in Chinese culture, is the year of the horse.  We had great fun practising by making pictures of a camel and a cat.  A template is below what other pictures can you make?

Thursday - Today we had gymnastic coaching and in PSHE we talked about how we can tell when someone is trying their best to achieve a goal.   We have recently been thinking about setting our own goals and targets!

Friday - Kung Hei Fat Choy or Happy new year!!

Today we have been very busy.  This morning we shared our learning about Chinese new year, with Chestnut class, in celebration worship.

In numeracy we used chopsticks to help us to match the amount of polystyrene balls to the chinese numbers displayed in each section of the tray.  We were great with chopsticks which was really helpful this afternoon.

After lunch we watched some Lion dancing; before we tried lots of different traditional chinese foods!  The restaurant even sent us a fortune cookie each to celebrate the new year.

Have a lovely weekend, next weeks show and tell group is the Squares.

Week beginning 20th January 2014


This week we have been talking about going on adventures and what we would need to take in a back pack with us. The children made some really good choices; a tent, a torch, water, food and binoculars being some of them. 


During golden time more of us had great fun making pictures; using water balloon yoyos to paint a picture.


For ‘Fit Friday’ today we practised climbing on the indoor apparatus.  As you can see from the photos, we quickly became confident climbing up and through the climbing frame.  


Our star of the week is Elisha L and our listener of the week is Pixie, well done!!

OUR WEEK IN PICTURES - Week beginning 13th January 2014


This week we have been making our dinosaur homes. 


We had great fun drawing our designs and then using these to make our homes; these now have pride of place on display in the classroom.


During golden time this week we had a choice of three activities.  Some of us chose ‘messy play’; we had great fun making pictures using water balloon yoyos to paint a picture.


For Forest schools today we practised balancing on the outdoor equipment and then found the muddiest puddle to squelch through.  We collected some leaves and twigs to decorate our dinosaur homes.


You can see from our faces that in Science club we had a whale of a time; we experimented with corn flour making slime balls that when squeezed were solid and returned to a liquid once the pressure was released.


Our star of the week is Ashton and our listener of the week is Harvey, well done!!


REMINDER: homework is due in on Wednesday!

Welcome back and Happy New Year!


The new class newsletter has been sent out today both electronically and as a hard copy in your child's book bag, if you have any queries don't hesitate to speak to one of us.


This week we have been learning about dinosaurs, this will be our main theme up until the half term holidays.


The children have let me know what they already know about dinosaurs and what they would like to find out about them next. We have enjoyed sharing the 'Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs' stories.  We had great fun measuring using our own footprints and the foot print of a dinosaur.  Our homework this week is to find out how many of our footprints equal 1 dinosaur footprint and to then measure some objects at home using both footprints and comparing them.


This term in P.E. we are having gymnastic coaching; this will take place during our normal Thursday slot.  Can you please ensure that your child has their kit in school every day as we sometime take the opportunity to have extra dance or games of dodge ball.  We will make use of the climbing equipment over at KS2 on alternate Fridays, to give the children the opportunity to develop climbing skills.

w/b 9th December 2013


We have had a very busy week in Beech class this week!! 


On Monday we had our dress rehearsal and KS2 came over to watch us, it went really well.


On Tuesday we had two performances for our families, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.  The children did an absolutely fantastic job and sang beautifully.


On Wednesday we were a little tired but that didn’t stop us from enjoying our learning.  We listened to different versions of the Christmas story and compared them to our own performance of the Christmas recipe.


On Thursday we experimented with a painting computer program that repeated our patterns for us, the results were stunning.


Finally on Friday we looked at the story of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.  We thought about what the other reindeer could have done to be nice to Rudolph.  In PSHE this term we have been looking at getting on and falling out and how to get on with each other.

Week beginning 2nd December 2013

This week we have had great fun!!


Harvey - my favourite bit this week has been doing my spellings and making rudolph and robins by having my feet and hands painted.


Elisha C - My favourite times this week has been being an angel for the play and doing my footprint reindeer and robin.


Pixie - My favourite thing this week was making snowflakes and playing.


 My favourite thing this week was painted footprints to make robins and rudolph!

We are learning about Christmas - information for parents

Follow the link below to find out what we'll be covering this year!

Week beginning 25th November 2013


This week we have been exploring light and dark.  This is because the children were fascinated by the shadows created by their diva lamps last week.  We had great fun drawing each others silhouettes, trying to escape our shadows on the playground during a sunny spell and playing with shadows using torches in the dark room (Santas grotto).


In literacy we have been looking at stories that are special to us and coming up with our own characters and settings.  We have listened to Pumpkin Soup, Laura's Star and Nikki and the Rocking Horse to name a few.  The children loved coming up with their own versions of their favourite tales and additional characters.


In numeracy we have been learning about flat 2d shapes, playing 'Who am I?'.  In this game the children put their hands into a bag and describe what they can feel;  the rest of the class then try to guess the shape.


In recent P.E. sessions we have been working on our balance; we've been balancing beanbags on different parts of our bodies and during playtime have been balancing on stilts before walking on them.


The children have had great fun completing secret missions that are around the classroom.  The missions, which cover all areas of the curriculum, have been recorded on talking postcards for the children to find, earning themselves house points.


We have been practising for our play and learning the songs; I'm sure you are as familiar with them as we are!


New homework will be sent out at the end of next week!

Letter formation sheet

Week beginning 18th November 2013


This week we have been learning all about Diwali as part of our topic of 'celebrations'.  We read the story of Rama and Sita and how diva lamps were lit to show them the way home.  As part of our topic the children each made a diva lamp and several were shared with Chestnut class today in celebration worship.


In numeracy we have been making our own repeating pattern and then making one for our partner to continue.  We had great fun using counters, cotton reels and even paper chains to make our patterns.


During Forest schools today we decided to try and make patterns using the leaves that we found.


Our role play area this term is 'Santas Grotto', if you have anything at home that you think the children would like to use to play dress-up please feel free to bring it in.








This link will take you to a video clip from the DfES Letters and Sounds Programme (2007) used to teach children to read in our school. This clip shows a teacher pronouncing all the phase 3 and then phase 2 phonemes.



Week beginning 11th November 2013



This week in Beech class the children have learnt all about Remembrance Day and why it is important to remember all soldiers and their families.  We made poppies and at 11 o'clock we held a 1 minute silence in our playground.


We have been taking part in National Nursery Rhyme week.  The rhymes we focused on were Hickory Dickory Dock, Incy Wincey Spider, Mary, Mary quite contrary and Twinkle Twinkle little star.  We had great fun building clock towers, making playdough mice each with a longer tail than the last and creating our own Incy Wincey spiders.  We made sparkling stars using glitter and glue, most of the glitter found it's way onto the stars!!!

We practiced sequencing the rhymes to help us with this week's homework, this was sent home today.


Lastly, on Friday afternoon, we had a great time decorating fairy cakes, making Pudsey badges and playing games; all whilst wearing our pyjamas to support Children in Need. 

Thank you all for your support!!!!





Week beginning 21st October 2013


This week in Numeracy we have been practising counting up and back in ones by singing the song 10 sparkling fireworks, to the tune of 10 green bottles.  We also have been learning how to find one more and one less than a number.  We are getting really good at this.  We also made firework pictures on the computer.


In literacy we have been reading the 'Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs' stories.  We thought about what we would have a bucketful of and made a poster for our display.


We were copying a rhythm and continuing a pattern in music, using egg shakers.


We've had a wonderful afternoon at Worton playing football, making mud pies and making matchstick men out of sticks!!!


Have a lovely end of term holiday and we'll see you on the 7th November!


14 th October 2013


This week in Beech class!


In numeracy we have been learning to find 1 more than a number and the Year 1 children have been learning to add 2 groups of objects together; writing number sentences to show how we did this.


In literacy we have been changing the story of ‘The Enormous Turnip’ in our groups.  We made a story about an enormous lemon, an enormous melon and an enormous strawberry!


The children had great fun with being creative this week where they have been making leaf prints; thee can be seen displayed just outside our classroom door.  We had a messy play session today where we experienced the feel of spaghetti and jelly along with corn flour, glitter, paint and rice.  We did make a BIG mess but such great fun!!


We hope you enjoy our photos.  Each child takes a turn at being the class photographer!


Our star of the week this week is Liam and our listener of the week is Ollie, well done to both of you!


Week beginning 7th October 2013.


This week we have been talking about autumn and looking at changes that have taken place. 


We went on an autumn hunt; collecting leaves of different colours, conkers and acorns.  We looked closely at all the things we collected using magnifying glasses.  As part of our numeracy learning this week the children then sorted the collection into groups.


We looked at various harvest vegetables and then used them for printing.  Can you guess which vegetables were used?


 During golden time this week we made clay hedgehogs and talked about how hedgehogs and other animals hibernate during the winter months. We each received a golden sticker for our hard work.


For Forest schools today we designed a huge photo frame using twigs and sticks; then created a collage of leaves and conkers inside it.  We decided the frame needed to be brighter, so we used our wellies!


Our star of the week is Ashton and our listener of the week is Elisha C, well done!!

Week beginning 30th September


This week Beech class have been retelling the story of The Little Red Hen using Pie Corbett’s story telling actions.


We have been practising estimating ‘how many?’ and then checking our guesses by counting.  The children are becoming very good guessers! 


Some of the children have even been adding two groups of objects together, next they will be having a go at writing the number sentences.


Great fun was had in phonics when we used finger painting and roll and write to form the letter sounds we had learned.


We made the most of the recent rain to make ‘sand soup’ by mixing sand and rainwater on our playground.  The children described it as a ‘gooey mucky mixture’ and when touched it ‘feels like being in the sea’.


Our star of the week is Madison and our listener of the week is Summer, well done!!


We had a fantastic Forest schools afternoon at Worton.  We made crowns by collecting coloured objects around the school, we found all sorts from leaves to lego bricks!   We hope you enjoy talking about them with your children.


HOMEWORK - could you please bring some leaves into school on Monday to add to our Discovery Area?  Thank you!

Week beginning 30th September 2013


This week Beech class will be learning about Harvest and the story of The Little Red Hen, as told by Pie Corbett.  We will be learning to retell the story using Pie Corbett’s story telling actions. 

The link below will take you to YouTube and to the video of Pie Corbett that we will be using in class. 


The children love this method of storytelling so please feel free to share this with them over the next few days.


Mrs King

Our first forest adventure! 


We were so excited to get out and explore and we were not disappointed!


First, we explored the outside area, running and jumping across the school field before we decided to try out our climbing skills on the play equipment.


Next, we thought it would be a great idea to make a magic potion; we foraged for ingredients and added a sprinkling of fairy dust before stirring our ingredients together.  They smelt like earth and grass and flowers. 


Finally, as we would like to come back each week to explore the outdoor area we thought the 'willow tree fairy' might like our potions as a gift; so we carefully placed them underneath the tree branches before we left to come back to Potterne.


We had a fab time!

This week in Numeracy we have been trying out different ways to count large numbers of objects; we decided that if we lined the objects up we could count them more easily.


In Literacy we have been making up our own Humpty Dumpty rhymes and some of us created our own Humpty Dumpty word wall to help us.


After earning lots of house points towards Golden time we could choose to:-

  • make our own play dough for the whole class
  • bring in our own toy or
  • to ice some biscuits, yum!

We will all get a turn at each activity before we vote for new ones.


We are looking forward to our first Forest school adventure tomorrow at Worton!  Pictures will be added next week.



Check out what we'll be learning this term...

Beech Class Autumn Term Newsletter

Welcome to Beech class. Our teachers are Mrs King, Mrs Cutler and Mrs Gatehouse is our TA. Have a look at our curriculum map to find out what we'll be getting up to this term!


Welcome to Beech Class!!


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