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Beech Class



Miss Hurn challenged us again to do more grouping. This time we had to make sure we had the right amount of legs in the picture!

Leaf rubbings.


Our new topic lets us explore nature and we put a different twist on 'leaf rubbings'. Once we had completed them, we turned them into woodland creatures- see if you can work out what we've made!

Forest Creatures.


We had a great time making these forest creature artworks with Mrs Jones. We have nearly finished them and look forward to sharing them with you all!



Miss Hurn challenged us in our maths this week. We had to group counters into equal groups. This was quite tricky as 5 groups of 2 is the same as 2 groups of 5!

Greater than and Less than. 


We revisited a favourite number skill of ours, comparing numbers, working out which was the biggest number and which was the smallest. The numicon really helped us think about this clearly. 

Outdoor Learning. 

We've had a fab time playing and learning with some of our new equipment. In these pictures, you can see our game that we made. After a few attempts, we realised we needed something to trap the balls at the end, so we didn't keep losing them!

Bug Sandwiches.


Unlike the title suggests, our sandwiches tasted delicious and not of creepy crawlies! We used bread, cutters and twiglets to create these wonderful snacks!

Mini-beast hunt. 


We used our exploring skills to hunt for mini-beasts within the school grounds. We found an exciting range from slugs, to woodlice, to scary spiders! Back in class, using our magnifying glasses, we had a good look at our finds and used an identification key to work out what we had captured. 

Bug Hotels.


We love our topic all about Mini-beasts and made with Mrs Jones, some fantastic 'Bug Hotels'. We dotted these around the school in the hope of enticing some creepy crawlies to come and visit!

A Special Visitor.


Santa's spies decided that we had been fantastic learners this term and deserved a special treat. On Wednesday, Santa himself arrived at Beech Class and handed out some lovely presents- we can't wait to open them on Christmas day! We hope you all have a wonderful festive break!

Christmas Dinner.

Our wonderful cooks put on a marvellous dinner for us. We listened to Christmas songs, pulled crackers and shared terrible jokes. Thank you to the kitchen staff once again!


The tiniest of snowflakes fell from the sky and we were determined to make the most of it! 15 whole minutes of pure fun, running around trying to catch the snow on our tongues. We even decided to throw some learning in for good measure and discussed why the snow felt cold and wet!

Telling the Time.


Learning how to tell the time can be tricky- 'twenty to' can also be '40 minutes past' etc. It wasn't a challenge for our Year 1s who create their own clocks outside and learnt to tell the time to the hour and half past!

Writing Whizzes!


Who would know that our Reception children have only been in school for 3 and 1/2 months! We're writing cvc words all by ourselves, at every opportunity! 

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...


Our Frozen theme has taken a more festive turn and we have been making some fab creations! Check out our snow people!

Reading and storytelling.

We love stories- reading them, listening to them and telling them. If you have a story or a tale you'd like to share, please let us know! 

Science- The senses.


The children planned their own learning this week for Science and came up with a range of different ways for us to investigate and explore our senses. We had a blindfold tasting station, a smelling station, a guess the sound and feely boxes station. We had great fun and learnt about the importance of our senses. 

Maths- Bonds to 10.


We used our knowledge of number to help us work out the different ways we could make 10. This is an important skill as it forms the basis for all our addition work as we move through the school. 

Operation Christmas Child.


A massive thank you to all our families that kindly donated items to our Operation Christmas Child fundraiser! They will be appreciated all over the world!


The Year 1s have been using the part-part-whole model to work out different ways of solving addition. We started by using numbers to 10 and will use this knowledge to help us problem solve. 



As the temperature dropped, we looked at the difference between hot and cold and had to use what we knew, to help us identify which of the images were something cold or something hot!


After testing and investigating different materials, we put our knowledge to the test and made our own houses. We thought carefully about the features we would need and used a range of resources from the Scrapstore!

1 more than and 1 less than.


We have been practising our numbers skills, thinking about the order of numbers, their value and the numbers that are 1 more or 1 less than a given value. 

Science- Floating and Sinking.


We had a great time in the water tray, investigating which items would float and sink! There were one or two splashes and a few surprises! 



We have been exploring shape, space and measure, focusing on finding symmetry. In the pictures, you can see that we created symmetrical images, by ensuring our designs were the same on both sides. 

Olympic Visitor.


On Monday, Five lanes was visited by Olympic Swimmer, Cassie Patten. She told us about her journey to becoming an Olympic swimmer and how she never gave up on her dreams. Cassie then put us all to the test by making us do a fitness circuit that included Spotty dogs, leg drivers, frog jumps and star jumps. 



Welcome to Beech Class 2017!

We've got off to a great start this week and we can't wait for our new children to join us! In maths this week, we have been comparing numbers to 10 and rehearsing our doubles facts! 


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