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Beech Class

​Farm Visit.


We had a fantastic time at Five Lanes farm on Wednesday and our thanks go to Teresa and John Chandler for their hospitality. From sitting on the old machinery, the walk around the farm, 'scooping the poop' and being around the animals, every moment was thoroughly enjoyable.

​Hat's off!

We had a fantastic time at the Hat shop in Devizes, looking at the different types of hat we might wear to the Queen's 90th Birthday party. There were lots of fabulous colours and styles to choose from. A big well done to all the boys who tried on the hats, despite their being none for any gentlemen!



After learning about doubling numbers up to 20, we played a fun game to test our knowledge. We shuffled a pack of cards 1-10 and placed them face down. When we selected them, we had to double that number in our heads, write the answer on a post-it note and stick it on the card. If we were right, we got to keep the cards. It was great fun!!

An adaptation of Pie Corbett's 'Let me in'.

​A busy fortnight!



Wow! What a busy two weeks of term already for Beech class. We have worked really hard to learn the story of Pirate Pete, which we will begin to transform into our own adventurous stories. In Maths we've been focusing on subtraction, using resources to help us with counting back. Beech class won the attendance trophy and visited the park at Worton on Friday. Here's to more jam packed weeks of great learning over the forthcoming term! 


​Outdoor Science.

Our time outdoors at Worton this week was very different, with Mrs Jones taking us instead of Miss Hurn. We used what we knew about birds and bugs from our learning inside the classroom, to make lovely bird feeders and bug hotels to take back to Potterne, to encourage more wildlife. On our return, we hung them up around the grounds and awaited visitors...we did spot one or two birds having a nibble!



Sports relief.



​We had a great day on Friday, raising money for sports relief. The year 3s planned some fantastic games for us to play and we really enjoyed moving around and trying out each one!


​Palm Sunday.

Ahead of Palm Sunday, we learnt all about why it was a special day. We found out how Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey and was greeted like a celebrity. After making our own palm leaves, we had our own celebration to bring the story to life.





Yesterday was a beautiful afternoon at Worton with the sun shining. After a play, we split into groups and went on a bug hunt. We used our magnifiers to check off the different animals we discovered on our list. We had lots of fun and enjoyed looking for worms the most!



To celebrate all our fantastic learning and the winning of the attendance trophy twice- we finished the last day of term by watching the Sword in the Stone movie and making our very own Sword in the Stone cakes. Extremely yummy and a well earned treat!


​Kings and Queens!

After learning all about King Arthur, we set our own Sword in the Stone challenge. We had to find ways of decorating our own crowns, to become Kings and Queens of Potterne.


Outdoor learning. 

In our story, we learnt about Merlin the magician. Over at Worton, we decided to make magic potions to take back and use in our wizard's workshop. We made potions to make you beautiful, potions to make numbers turn in to letters and potions that could make objects into unicorns!



We had lots of fun in Science this week, taking on the 'touch challenge'. We had to place our hands in the feely bag and work out what material we were touching, without looking at it.


Sir James.

On Monday, we were visited by Sir James, one of King Arthur's knights. We found out about how shields were made and the steps you have to take before becoming a Knight and then, had a go at a drill with our shields and spears! It was a fantastic morning and lots of fun!


 ​Outdoor learning at Worton.

Despite the cold weather, we had a fantastic afternoon over at the Worton site. We used our time well and explored two different materials- man made and natural. First, we took cellophane and used it to view the surroundings in a different way. Lots of us noticed that because it was a see through material, we could easily change the colours of nature. As a class, we decided that a see through material would be good for windows. This led us to thinking about our castles, and we decided to build some nature castles for creatures looking to keep themselves warm during this cold spell! The results were very creative!



We were given the challenge to build a castle. We could use any medium we wanted but had to include a tower. Have a look at the fantastic pieces we produced!



Together we used lots of material and bits and pieces and created these knights. They will protect the castle we plan to build in the forthcoming weeks. 

Welcome back!

Happy New Year to you all and I hope you had a fantastic break! We've hit the ground running in Beech Class and have been learning about the legend of King Arthur and the story of the Sword in the Stone. Please find the link below to an electronic text version of the story.



Every child in the school recently got the opportunity to contribute their artistic skills to the new school mural. The children focused their attention to detail and the results are magnificent. If you haven't already seen it, be sure to check it out the next time you're at the Potterne site! A big thank you to Mrs Burrows and Mrs Pike for all their time and effort.


Devizes School: Dance Festival.

Beech class had a fantastic time at the Dance festival. The older students at the school planned and taught the children a dance, which they then performed to all the other primary schools. They did a fantastic job and made Miss Hurn very proud! 



We were very lucky to have Mrs Ladwa come to visit Beech class. She told us all about Hinduism and special traditions. We looked at clothing and heard the story behind Diwali, of Rama and Sita and their return to the kingdom.



We're getting really confident with our numerals in Foundation stage and had a really good go at putting them in order. We then were able to count all the way to 10 and back!



After learning about Jac and the Jewish Faith, we were excited to receive Mysha's box and find out all about her. Mysha is a Muslim and we discovered, like Jac, she has a special place she goes to for worship called a Mosque. We had a look at the outside and noticed the similarities and differences between the Synagogues and Churches we'd looked at before. We then had a go at building our own Mosques out of Lego!




Anti-Bullying Week.

We spent a lot of time this week thinking about what makes a good friend and how can we can get on well with each other. On the flip side, we also talked about what happens when someone is bully and repeatedly unkind to us and below, is what we would do if we were being bullied or knew somebody who was being bullied...


This week in Beech class, we have done lots of investigation in Maths and RE. We have looked at how numbers can be represented in different ways, but still mean the same thing! And, in RE, we've looked at the special Jewish artefacts Jac sent us, one of which was the Menorah and we learnt the story of Hanukkah.




Outdoor learning.

During our trip to Worton this week, we used the autumnal leaves to continue exploring repeating patterns as well as looking at shades of colour. We finished it all of by building a huge leaf bonfire to celebrate Bonfire night! Have a look at the pictures below...can you work out what our repeating patterns are?




In Maths this week we have been exploring patterns and shape. We have looked at making repeating patterns and the properties of 2D shapes. We noticed that both patterns and shapes are all around us and we found examples of this in our very own playground!


Beech Class.

Welcome to Beech class! We're all settled and getting stuck into our learning. We're enjoying the story of the Three Little pigs and are learning to re-tell it using actions and story maps. We've looked at counting and patterns in Maths and enjoyed playing with our friends. We're very much looking forward to the rest of the term.


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