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Hello I’m Harriet and I am a year 6 in Elder class, I’m Head Girl and a Buddy and if your Head or deputy head you automatically get a place on the School council, I love all these jobs.

My favourite food is pizza and my favourite colour is orange. I like playing lots of sport like: Hockey, Netball, swimming, Tag Rugby, Football and Cricket.

I love being Head Girl and I always will! Also if you have any suggestions don’t be scared to ask me!




Hello I am Bethany, I am a year 6 in Elder class and I am the deputy head girl for our school. I am going to tell you a few hobbies of mine: Football, Netball, Hockey, Tag rugby, Swimming and art.

My favourite colour is blue and I love all sports. I am usually in most of the tournaments for the A team. I have man y friends and I am also a buddy.

I’m in mars house and I am the one that makes sure all house captains are telling mars to do their jobs.



My name is Liam Shadwell and I am Head Boy for Five Lanes Primary School. I was born in March 2006 and live in Potterne. I am working hard for the school and enjoy working with all the children over both sites. I love computers and lots of other technology. My favourite game on my computer is Minecraft. I am a member of Potterne Cricket Club and play for the under 11's team, I also enjoy swimming, tennis and hockey. I love to watch Formula 1 and my favourite driver is Lewis Hamilton.




My name is Harry and I am your Deputy Head Boy. My hobbies include football, cars, tag rugby and lots more, my favourite lesson in class is Maths.